Sodium Bicarbonate Crystals for Microdermabrasion

Sodium Bicarbonate vs Aluminum Oxide

Why the move to sodium bicarbonate crystals?

Many microdermabrasion service providers are moving away from aluminum oxide to sodium bicarbonate crystals for a wide range of reasons.

The Dermaglide is the first microdermabrasion system on the market specially designed to use this exciting new crystal and therapeutic abrasive. As the news on aluminum hazards began spreading… our search for an alternative abrasive became top priority. In addition to the news reports, we learned about the hazards of aluminum oxide exposure first-hand at our manufacturing and testing facility. As demand and production increased, we began recognizing that our shop technicians and other microdermabrasion professionals (using aluminum oxide) commonly suffered from scratchy eyes and throat, headaches, persistent low-grade fevers, and various respiratory ailments. We knew there had to be a safer abrasive… and had to find it fast.

Adapting the Dermaglide to other abrasives was easy because of its unique Gravity Crystal Injection System. Like an hourglass, it works with gravity, instead of struggling against gravity at high vacuum as other systems do. Medical grade salt crystals revealed inferior abrasive characteristics and often caused skin irritations. Finely pulverized ruby gemstone crystals provided great results; however, like aluminum, they still left a gritty post-treatment residue even after a post-treatment wash-off. After formulating and testing a wide variety of alternative abrasives… We discovered that the perfect skin abrasive was literally right under our noses all along!

For centuries people have been brushing their teeth with baking soda because it cleans, polishes & whitens. With so many therapeutic qualities, baking soda showed promise for more than just solving the safety issues. The challenge was to create crystals that were hard, abrasive, and resistant to humidity, but would easily dissolve. Our Research and Development Department formulated and tested over 30 varieties of crystals. At last, we finally developed a process for making all-natural baking soda crystals that flowed even better than aluminum oxide. Baking soda crystals now comfortably produce visible results immediately, without irritation or redness. They also eliminate all the safety questions. Baking soda is fast becoming the “All-Natural” skin abrasive of choice. It simply makes better sense… for many reasons!

Baking soda is friendly to the skin and to the environment. It doesn’t contaminate groundwater reservoirs like aluminum oxide. Baking soda is alkaline with a natural pH balance effect on the skin and the environment. Baking soda crystals do not leave undissolved particles trapped in pores or follicles. They easily dissolve when they come into direct contact with moisture. Any post-treatment residue easily blends in with body chemistry and tones the skin, therefore a post-treatment wash-off and toner are unnecessary.

Aluminum oxide inflames and irritates the skin, leaving it red, whereas, baking soda has a natural ability to calm, tone and soothe the skin. It minimizes any post-peel itch or irritation, even when used immediately after chemical peels, because the skin affected by the acid is efficiently scrubbed away, leaving polished, toned and soothed skin without chemical or particulate residue.

The inconvenience of any post-treatment peeling is minimized or completely eliminated. Baking soda efficiently and immediately abrades away the dead outer skin affected by acid peels.  Aluminum microdermabrasion would only further inflame the skin after a chemical peel, leaving even more excessive and prolonged redness. Baking soda’s mild anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties calm the skin.

Baking soda crystals are lighter in weight than aluminum oxide crystals; therefore, less vacuum is needed to create effective microdermabrasion via their high velocity impact to the skin.  Numerous scientific studies have shown that vacuum can be beneficial to circulation and general skin health, but too much vacuum can cause excessive redness, bruising, spider veins, skin stretching, stress bumps and atrophy, especially on delicate tissues. Baking soda crystals flow very fluidly even at the ultra-low vacuum levels necessary for treating very sensitive skin. Aluminum oxide, on the other hand, is not efficient at low vacuum levels. Baking soda crystals now make it easy to provide the benefits of vacuum to the skin, without the risks of breaking capillaries or stretching the skin.

Dermaglide medical-grade microdermabrasion systems are specially equipped with advanced Gravity Crystal Injection Systems that do not struggle against gravity like most other microdermabrasion systems do. They require far less vacuum to work effectively with a very wide variety of abrasives. They are well suited for providing effective stimulation and abrasion at ultra-low vacuum, especially when using our baking soda crystals.

Our microdermabrasion systems provide an unparalleled level of comfort and immediately visible results without extreme redness. Many other manufacturers now claim their systems can work with baking soda too, however, most manufacturers will tend to discourage you from even trying baking soda. They usually say that baking soda doesn’t abrade or “cut” as well. The truth is that baking soda will quickly clog most microdermabrasion systems because they have less advanced crystal injection and filtration mechanisms and use inferior crystal.  Some people assume that baking soda can’t penetrate the skin as well because baking soda is not as hard as aluminum oxide.  That is a mistaken conclusion. It has been established that harder surfaces can be penetrated by soft, lighter objects if propelled at high velocity upon impact.  In fact, modern industry has even developed advanced water jet cutters that can cut through almost anything, including steel.

The superior airflow qualities of baking soda can be easily demonstrated as follows: If you stood in front of a fan with equal amounts of aluminum oxide and baking soda crystals in each hand, the baking soda would dissipate almost immediately, but the aluminum oxide would take a while to dissipate, if ever. We don’t recommend that you try this test indoors. Baking soda, on the other hand, is certainly safe for indoor use. It even has various therapeutic and medical uses for human consumption.

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We are leaders in the field of microdermabrasion with years of experience in non-surgical medical aesthetics and the innovators who first developed and perfected the use of all natural medical-grade baking soda crystals for microdermabrasion procedures. Leading dermatologist, plastic surgeons, medical professionals and aestheticians have trusted us for our outstanding quality, service and technology.

Sodium bicarbonate crystals are the cutting edge in microdermabrasion therapy and Dermaglide® is your source for this state-of-the-art technology.

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